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Tune Up

Frisco Garage Door Maintenance


Frisco Garage Doors offers you affordable garage door tune ups and maintenance that you can trust and rely on within the Frisco Texas area. Our company is family owned and operated.

We provide comprehensive tune up or maintenance service for any make or model of garage door and opener. So regardless if you have a residential or commercial property our high skilled, professional garage door technicians will be able to assist. We aim to provide you highest level of quality service available within the Frisco Texas marketplace. Some of services that comes with our tune up includes:


  • General Diagnostics – Inspect all elements of the door, tracks, the counterbalance system, rollers, hinges, and any seal
  • Tighten all screws and bolts upon your garage door
  • Lubricate springs, rollers, and hinges
  • Rebalance garage door, and if this necessary possibly adjust the spring tension
  • Adjust opener settings and travel destinations
  • Lubricate chain and sprockets to the garage door opener
  • Check the force pressure with the garage door opener
  • Modify or align the sensors for the electronics on the garage door opener

Why Frisco Garage Doors?


Frisco Garage Doors is dedicated to provide only the highest quality products and services adhering to industry standards and exceeding the expectations of its valued clients. We provide excellent service that you deserve with our able and skilled technicians, friendly staff and reliable customer service.


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