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Frisco Garage Door Reviews

Here a few of the reviews that we have received in the last year

“I thought they were great. I called late in the afternoon—it was about 4:15—and the repairman was at my house by 5:30, and then he was gone again by 6:00. He replaced all 10 of the rollers on the garage door because it was making so much noise when it was raised and lowered. The garage door is still holding up. I had used this company several years ago, and they left their information pasted to the wall in my garage, and that’s why I called them back. I was very pleased after I used them again. I would give them an A grade because I called them just as I was leaving work, and, 15 minutes after I arrived home, he arrived here, too.”

“I wish that every service person who has come to my house was as good as Garage Door Solutions. They’re always very professional, very polite, and they’ve gotten done what they were supposed to do in a short period of time. Last time, I had a problem with my door going up and down. They immediately knew what was wrong and got it fixed. I’d rate them A++.”

“They did a good job. I was the one here with them, and they did a nice job. It was kind of an emergency-type situation. Our garage door busted a hinge, and we couldn’t get in or out. They came out quickly and took care of it.”


“I was pleased with his work, and I took him over to my daughter’s house the next day. They did some work for her too. We both have been pretty happy with the work. If I had any repair work that needed to be done, I would call that company.”

“That was the time my spring broke on my garage door. That is the last thing I had done, and they did a very good job. They replaced both springs on my door. One broke and the other one didn’t, but I went ahead and replaced it because it was twenty-some years old. Everything is working well for me.”

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